Reasons why I get headaches

Well, there are lots of reasons, but this is the current one...

I hate it when software companies make it so darn difficult to download an update to a product. There is a certain program (which shall remain nameless) that I use at work that I wanted to update and I discovered that I have to jump through more hoops than a circus tiger to be able to do it. First off, you have to have an "account". Then you have to have the software you want to update in your "products" in your "account". Then you can update the software. Okay, well, that was all great until I couldn't find any record in my files that I had created an account, so I went and made one. When I went to add the product to my account, it said that it had already been registered. So, apparently I *did* create an account before. Thankfully they do have a "forgot password?" thing and I typed in my other work email address, which is what I must have originally used. So then I had to wait for the email, which actually came quickly... and promptly ended up being sorted into my Junk folder.

I know that they do all of this to cut down on piracy (or maybe privacy... but that's another rant for another day), but it's still very frustrating to have to go through all of this just to update a piece of software.

Thank goodness for the 4-day break for Thanksgiving here in the States, since I think I really need a break from sitting in my office and fighting with software (and broken telescopes, demo equipment, dense undergraduates, university bureaucarcy...)

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