This is just sickening:
A church's Elizabethan Tudor Rose window has been smashed to bits by thieves just a fortnight after clergymen proudly showed it off to the Prince of Wales.

They climbed in through the remains of the stained glass window at St Gredifael Church in Penymynydd, Anglesey, seized an ancient cannonball and hurled it through another Elizabethan window.

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This is the window that was smashed, which some of you might recognize as the image that used to be on the front page of the website:

Click on the image to go to a page with a little bit more about the window and a link to the full sized picture. I've also got a few other pictures of the church itself, which I visited in 2000. (I'm in the process of re-doing all my photos from the negatives, so at some point I'll have some nicer and bigger versions of the church photos up.)

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