Started a new blog

Because I really need another blog about as much as I need an extra hole in my head (or any other body part for that matter).

I know it is mostly friends and family reading this blog, but if you guys are interested, I've started a new Science and Skepticism blog called Sweet Yummy Reality. I'm not entirely sure how I came up with the name. I was kind of aiming for something to combat the image of "cold, hard science" I think, but there you have it. I have copied the science-related posts from this blog over there to stock it with something, although I just posted a new one and have a few others in the works. I'll probably mostly stick to the "science" part of the blog description, but given that I'm the person who gets all the UFO and 2012 end-of-the-world questions at work, there is bound to be some of the "skepticism" part too.

[Updated January 2012 - I've decided to close the blog mentioned above and move the posts over here to this one.]


Anonymous said...

Hi Lara,
I have not written to you before, or any other blogger for that matter, but I felt that you should know that I have really enjoyed your Tudor blogs/Pod casts. I feel I am in the same boat as you, I teach Physics, Math, and Computers, but have a passion for Tudor history collecting coins, pamphlets, etc... everything Tudor

I hope you do not stop your Tudor pod cast. It is full of exciting tid-bits of knowledge and information. You should think about collecting and putting them on to a CD. That would be cool, as they say.

Well, I will miss your Tudor Pod cast, if you stop, but will probably move over to your science blog/Pod cast(?), because I am also a science-fiction person as well.

Best Regards

Lara said...

Howdy Mike!

I'm not planning to permanently stop the podcast... I really do hope to get it going again in the fall. It all depends on getting moved into a new house, but that is going slowly at the moment.

The science blog will hopefully get going soon, since it is something that I can justify working on in quiet times here at work! No plans for a science/skepticism podcast at the moment, but who knows. There are already a lot of good ones out there so I'm not really sure I need to add to them!