Thursday, December 08, 2005

Ah, the weather of Texas

On Saturday, I had to dig out a pair of shorts to wear because the temperature was in the 80s. On Wednesday, we have sleet and freezing rain and even a stray snowflake here and there. Gotta love it!

Although the best example of mercurial Texas weather was one February (1997, I think) where we actually hit 100 degrees F and had an ice storm that shut down the city for a couple of days all in the same month...


efu620 said...

I've enjoyed looking at you site for the past year, and I just realized you are in Texas - so am I! I'm outside of Austin in Leander, TX and I am student teaching this semester. Thanks for all of the great information and keep it up!

Lara said...

You're very welcome!

It's funny how many central Texas folks have turned up on my email list or have emailed me about the site. Must be something Tudor-ish in the water around here. :)