Something's broken...

So, if you've tried to go to my science blog (which I don't think anyone does, but just in case) - you will now be greeted with a WordPress installation screen. I think something has gone wrong with the "behind the scenes" stuff since all the files are on my server like they are supposed to be. But anyway, I'm trying to figure out what is wrong and if there is anything I can do about it. Figures, I go to write a real post about something other than a "Picture of the Week" and it goes belly-up on me.

Picture of the Week #19

The Greenwich Meridian, May 1998

I guess I was mostly in the eastern hemisphere when I took the photo, but moments before I was standing with one half of my body in one hemisphere and my other half in the other hemisphere. I had fun watching a kid jump back and forth saying: "Now I'm east, now I'm west, now I'm east, now I'm west."

Picture of the Week #18

M33, taken with the Prime Focus Camera on the 30-inch telescope at McDonald Observatory in 1997 (AASTRA participants took the images and then I combined them into the final color image you see here.)

In honor of the Galaxy Evolution meeting that I'm working at this week, I chose the lovely image of M33.

RenFest 2008

We made the annual journey east to the piney woods and the 16th century (or rather, facsimile of the 16th century). I didn't take a whole lot of photos this year and for some reason I mostly ended up with plants. It's not huge, but you can click on the horse above and go to the whole set on Flickr.

Picture of the Week #17

Comet Holmes, October 2007, from the 16-inch telescope at RLM on the University of Texas campus.

The first anniversary of the rapid brightening of Comet Holmes was last week, so I chose it for this week's picture. More about the comet is in this post from last year.

Ahhhh... an extra hour of sleep

I have a love/hate relationship with time changes. I love the extra hour of sleep this time of year, but I hate losing an hour in the spring. :)

Yeah, nothing profound in this update, but I have some sinus pressure tonight and I think I'm going to take an antihistamine and enjoy my extra hour of sleep!