Happy Holidays!

Have a wonderful holiday season, no matter what you celebrate this time of year!

Ah, the weather of Texas

On Saturday, I had to dig out a pair of shorts to wear because the temperature was in the 80s. On Wednesday, we have sleet and freezing rain and even a stray snowflake here and there. Gotta love it!

Although the best example of mercurial Texas weather was one February (1997, I think) where we actually hit 100 degrees F and had an ice storm that shut down the city for a couple of days all in the same month...

The picture says it all...

Although there hasn't been a speeding train causing the light at the end of the tunnel, there have been some speedbumps on the road, to sort-of mix my metaphors. A colleague and former teacher of mine (History of Astronomy) passed away on the 2nd. He had been ill for several years with Parkinson's so it wasn't a shock, and was a release for him from what he's been having to live with. Getting photos together to take to the funeral home and then going to the memorial mass was pretty stressful. Work has been busy and somewhere in all of this I'm supposed to be studying for the last exam in my Art History class. Thankfully that last part will be done one way or the other by noon tomorrow.

Boy am I ready for this week to be over and done with!