Greetings from Philadelphia

Hello from the city of brotherly love! I always love going to a city for the first time and trying to get a feel for it. Philly has some wonderful architecture, in business, public and residential buildings. We stopped briefly at the art museum last night after dinner and saw the "Rocky" steps, but we'll actually go in on Friday. Had dinner at a cool place called Monk's and I tried a local ale. A little more hops than I would usually go for, but good (dinner was chicken apple sausage... yummmmm).

Today we went to the Mutter Museum at the College of Physicians and saw their weird and wonderful collection of medical models and specimens. After that we had lunch at the market in the Reading Terminal Market and then went to the Academy of Natural Sciences (where the picture at the top comes from). Small, but a nice dinosaur collection.

I also discovered why when they show the people suffering in the heat in the northeast on the news or Weather Channel, they always show people sticking their feet in the fountains. The reason - it feels darn good. Did it twice today and both times it really helps soothe my sore and hot feet.

Off to NYC for the next few days...

Update: Had Tony Luke's for dinner... Philly cheese steaks in Philly! I think I'm going to explode...

Vacation! Woo-hoo!

So, I'm sitting here in my office waiting to do the Honor's Colloquium star party (12th year in a row for me... lots of t-shirts). When I agreed to open the telescope for them, I was thinking... "oh, it won't be so bad to sit in my office on a Friday night and then open the telescope for a bunch of smart high school kids - I'm going on a three week vacation two days later!". Well, now that the day is here, I really wish I could go home. Hanging out at work these few extra hours, knowing that three weeks off is waiting for me is *torture*. Arrrrggghhhh.