Back from short Washington DC trip

We spent a long weekend in the DC area to celebrate a family birthday, but we also had a few chances to go into town and sightsee. We went to the National Cathedral on Sunday, which was quite interesting. In style, it closely resembles cathedrals that I've visited in the UK (Westminster Abbey, Canterbury, etc.), but the building is less than 100 years old! We also went over to the Folger Shakespeare Library, where I finally got around to buying the Disappearing Wives of Henry VIII mug and some other goodies. We also wandered around for a few hours on Monday, where I managed to completely destroy my feet by wearing an old pair of aerobics shoes that were way too worn out to be comfortable for all that walking. I'm going to throw them away as soon as I finally unpack our suitcase... they aren't even worth donating.

I'm still sorting through the photos, but I'll upload them to Flickr and post the link to the set in the next few days! (Really, I will! I promise!)

Away for the weekend and Monday

As I've already mentioned over on the Tudor History blogs, I'm going to be out of town for the weekend and Monday and will be back in the office on Tuesday around lunchtime.


Okay, I think I've finally got this working correctly after getting all my /s in the right place. So, for those of you familiar with the old homepage, links to most of the old stuff are now on the right, below the picture. The old pages are pretty much still the same, but maybe someday I'll update them. I've also added a link to my photos that I've uploaded to Flickr. I still haven't added stuff from this year's vacation, but I expect to get them up in the next few weeks.

Moving blog address

If my nefarious plan works, I'll be moving this blog to the front page of my personal website. I'm in the process of changing hosts for the site and once the DNS points to the new host, I'll change this blog to