On travel for a few days

I just wanted to let folks know that I'm going to be traveling for work through Sunday, so I won't be answering emails or making blog posts in that time period. I'll have internet access, but I don't think I'll have a lot of time to deal with non-work stuff!

Apparently I'm not as organized as I thought

If any of you have wandered over here to figure out why my Tudor History website isn't showing up, here's your answer. The domain expired yesterday, but I just renewed it after talking with my domain registrar, so hopefully it will be back up soon. I am usually really good about keeping track of these types of things and I thought I had another year on this one, but obviously not!

My one complaint is that my registrar didn't send a notice that it was about to expire. I know some companies do that, but this one doesn't. I understand that ultimately it is my responsibility to make sure it gets renewed on time, but really, how hard is it to send an email a week or so before to remind someone about an expiring domain?

Oh well... stay tuned. If the website doesn't show back up in a day or so, then I'll update with any additional news.