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Picture of the Week #41

The Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia. August 2006.

Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of the ID plaque with this critter, so I'm not sure what species it is. I think (based on what I could get from the museum's website) that this is a juvenile Plioplatecarpus.

Fun with screen captures

First, two shots from "Cosmos" showing how my main interests in life - Astronomy/Science and Tudor History - can sometimes combine in interesting ways.

In this episode, Sagan is in a hall in Cambridge and you can sometimes see the portraits on the wall behind him, including a giant one of Henry VIII (top) and one with Mary I (bottom). The episode would have been filmed sometime in the late 1970s, so I'm not sure if these portraits are in the same place now. The one of Mary I looks like the portrait done by Antonio Mor, which is now in the Prado in Spain, I believe. However, it is possible (or even probable) that this is a copy. The painting of Henry is one of many of that same style, so I'm not sure which particular one it may be.

There also appears to have been a Tudor thing going on at "The Simpsons" lately. They did a great send-up of Henry VIII a few years back, but in a recent episode, Homer decides to help Bart build a matchstick Westminster Abbey and …

Picture of the Week #40

Moon rock at the LBJ Presidential Library

Picture of the Week #39

"Earthrise" painting by astronaut Alan Bean at the “To the Moon” exhibition at the LBJ Library. April 2009.

Picture of the week #38

Jules Verne's "De la Terre a la Lune" ("From the Earth to the Moon") at the "To the Moon" exhibition at the LBJ Library. April 2009.