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Snow day!

After several other parts of the state got snow this winter, it was finally our turn for some. It was fun while it lasted! And I'll take it over those nasty ice storms any day.

Here's a short video of the snow from last Tuesday. This was shot from the roof of my building during one of the heavier snowfalls.

I've also uploaded a few photos to Flickr too.

Picture of the Week #80

Renazzo carbonaceous chondrite meteorite at the Arthur Ross Hall of Meteorites in the American Museum of Natural History. Photo: August 2006.

Picture of the Week #79

The Space Shuttle Columbia re-enters the Earth's atmosphere July 27, 1999

This was the historic first flight of a female commander, Colonel Eileen Collins whose crew released the Chandra X-Ray Observatory.

Picture of the Week #78

Meteorite at American Museum of Natural History, Arthur Ross Hall of Meteorites. Photo: August 2006.

I think this might be a fragment from the Barringer Crater in Arizona, but unfortunately I don't have a good photo of the information plaque so I can't be sure.

Picture of the Week #77

New images of Pluto, released today. Click here for more information.

These are making me very impatient for New Horizons to get out there!