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Picture of the Week #37

Piiiiiiigs In Spaaaaaace!". From the "To the Moon" exhibit at the LBJ Library. April 2009.

Pigs in Space!

Originally uploaded by Rhubarble The original "spam in a can" - a drawing for a pig capsule from the "To The Moon" exhibit currently over at the LBJ Library

Here's my Flickr set from the exhibit (including a few photos from the rest of the library, which I hadn't been to in a long time!)

Picture of the Week #36

Amelia Earhart's flying license, signed by Orville Wright. Photo April 2009.

Yesterday I finally went over and saw the "To The Moon" exhibition at the LBJ library here on campus. There is a nice collection of early astronomical materials, early flight stuff and human space exploration memorabilia. I took a lot of photos (with no flash, so I really love my image stabilization feature right now) and will post them on my Flickr site soon. Some of the astronomical stuff will be on display later this year over at the Harry Ransom Center as part of the International Year of Astronomy. I'm really looking forward to seeing some of the Herschel papers and items that will be on display!

Picture of the Week #35

"Astronomy" from The Seven Liberal Arts in the Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress. April 1997.

Picture of the Week #34

University of Texas Astronomy Department heliostat

Please ignore the dirt layer on it. :)

(In my defense, there was a hole in the cover that was allowing dust and dirt to blow in during bad storms. I've since dusted it off and plugged the hole!)

Also comes in white!!

A nice snarky variation on the everyday "Wash Me!".

This might just be my new favorite LOLcat ...


Picture of the Week #33