How time does fly!

And not just the weeks between blog posts lately...

I just realized that today, eight years ago, I embarked on my first trip to Great Britain! I had been doing some freelance consulting for an science education project and had earned enough for a plane ticket and youth hostels (the rest having to go on a credit card), so I bit the bullet and did it! I went completely on my own, on my first overseas trip, and to prove just how crazy I was, I even drove on the left. I rented a car for the first week and then stayed in London for the second week. It was a great trip, although as I learned on my second and third trips, it is nice to travel with others as well.

Hopefully in the next couple of years I'll be able to get back across the pond.


Lara said...

Hello Lois,

Your comments got through, they just don't automatically post since I have things moderated to cut down on spam.

Anyway, most of the answers you're looking for are over at the FAQ for the main page:
I have a bibliography for the site up too, here: but it's a little out of date. I eventually would like to have a citation of sources for each individual section of the site. Someday!


Rebecca Brackmann said...

Hi, Lara,
I was just listening to your podcase and I laughed when you said you usually come home and do some cross-stitch--that's what I was doing while I listened to your show! I'm working on a vintage stamped tablecloth for my husband's step-mom.

I didn't think anyone else still did embroidery--everyone I know is all mad about knitting, and I'm the only person I know who does cross-stitch. I've decided my new life goal is to be good enough to do some of the Bayeux tapestry kits, and maybe go to France to take a class with Chantal James, who makes the kits. (I'm actually an Anglo-Saxonist, but my dissertation was about the 16th century--long story).

Love the podcast, and looking forward to new ones.

Lara said...

Howdy brackman1066!
It's nice to hear from a fellow cross-stitcher! Knitting is pretty big with the folks I know too, but I'm afraid most of the yarn crafts attempted by me end up in a tangled mess. I still hope to get tatting down though... Quilting is my other big textile craft.

I hope to have the next podcast out next week, as long as the days between now and then don't end up as busy as the past few (including a flat tire...).


Anonymous said...

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