Texas Renaissance Festival

In the busy week and head cold that followed it, I forgot to post a link to the photos I took at the Renaissance Festival on Nov. 4. Click on the photo at the top to go to the Flickr set.

We had a good time, as always. I've been going to TRF for 20 years now and I've pretty much had every type of weather Texas can throw at you in October and November, except ice and snow (we got close one year at 35F and raining... I think it turned to sleet that night after we were home). This year was lovely... around 70 and partly cloudy.

I've taken my camera many times, but other than the first year I went, I think this is the largest number of photos I've taken. I guess I get sidetracked by shopping and music and forget the camera most of the time!


Unknown said...

This was the first time my boss hasn't gone to RenFest in ages. Perhaps you two have run into each other there at some point.

Lara said...

It's quite possible. If she was there the weekend I was about 10 years ago when it was about 35F and raining and there were only a handful of people brave/stupid enough to be there, then I probably saw her!