TWiT live show and meet-up at SXSW

As I sat down to watch This Week in Tech this Sunday, I realized that I had never written up anything or posted the pictures from the live show last month.

I got down to Momo's early enough to get a decent parking spot, but not early enough to get a table, so I ended up standing for about 6 hours. The whole experience was slightly surreal since I saw a lot of people in person that I'm used to seeing in a 640 x 480 window on my computer! After the Tech Guy radio show, Tech News Today and This Week in Tech live shows, I briefly went and chatted with Brian Brushwood, his wife, and Tom Merritt, all of whom were as nice in person as they come across on the net. :)

Leo Laporte creatively wearing his headphones during a break for the radio show. Full Flickr set here

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