Burns Supper

Anyone do a Burns Supper each year? A friend from work is having one on the 28th (a few days late, but given the amount of Scotch that will be consumed, it's better to not have it during the work week!) and it will be my second such event. The last one was two years ago where I ate my first Americanized haggis (we can't legally get some of the parts that would go into a "true" haggis according to the cook), which actually wasn't so bad. I kind of wish that I had given in to my temptation when I was in Edinburgh in 2000 and bought a can of haggis that I saw in a giftshop, but since I had to carry all my stuff for that part of the trip I really didn't want that weighing me down... I'm pretty sure it was about the density of a white dwarf star.

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