What's been going on with me recently

It's been a tiring past two weeks, and I'm afraid that I'm now going to be suffering through a cold for the upcoming week. We had our annual winter board meeting at work on the 3rd and 4th, which can sometimes be stressful (especially when people come to you at the last minute with a powerpoint and the computer can't read their thumbdrive). I'm glad that it is over with for another year, even though the banquet and open bar isn't so bad. :)

The Burns supper the weekend before was lots of fun, as expected. I had the honor of piping in the haggis (with a tin whistle, since I haven't gotten very far learning the bagpipe chanter yet). I'm not a big Scotch drinker, so I brought some Drambuie, which is a liqueur with Scotch and heather honey. Quite tasty! I also had some mead that was made by friends of the hostess' son that was very good. I've been wanting to try my hand at making my own and now I have good incentive. The homemade drink was so much better than the commercial stuff!

My head is starting to swim with the increasing congestion, so I guess it's time for me to get off the computer for a while and get ready to watch "the big American football game that takes place in a large round-shaped stadium". I don't really care about the teams playing this year, but the commercials are usually fun to watch.

(For those of your who aren't American, I'm referring to the Super Bowl, and I used the circumlocution because of the running joke about not being able to use the phrase in advertising unless you pay the licensing fee... so some people use creative phrasing to avoid saying the name.)

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