Mmmmmmm pi(e)

In one of the countries who typically write the month and then the day when writing out the date, someone cleverly noticed that today is 3.14 and decided it should be celebrated as Pi Day. And of course, the best way to celebrate is by eating pie, which besides being a homophone for pi is also round and therefore pi is useful for figuring out just how much pie you have. Starting a few years back some of our grad students starting bringing in pie for pi day and I'm happy to announce that tradition continues... I'm munching on a piece of apple pie right now.

And for an extra special geek bonus to the day, it is also Albert Einstein's birthday!


Anonymous said...

What a coincidence! That's what people were talking about at school on that day. I'm a student aid for our high school office during 3rd hour, where I have to deliver random things to forgetful people. And on that day, I had to deliver a pie to one of the math rooms. My first thought was that they were using it to learn about fractions (and it didn't occur to me that that method of teaching is probably too basic for high school math!), but then I found out later in math about the Pi day! Hehe, I think that's funny. Those mathematicians must get really bored (I am not a big fan of math!). And at 1:59 PM, some of the students in the class yelled, "Happy Pi day!" because of the next numbers in Pi (3.14159). Haha! Kinda nerdy, but hey, I'm a nerd, so I thought it was funny. Ok, I don't know why I'm telling you this story. Ok, well I do. I'm procrastinating from writing my AP Literature essay. Oh, btw, I didn't just randomly come to your website to read about your life (kinda creepy). I came across your website by your page about transitions, which I've used to help me in all of my AP Lit papers/essays. Thanks for the help! Ok, back to my essay now. ^.^

Lara said...

I always wonder how people (who don't otherwise know me) stumble upon this site. I completely forgot about the writing helpers, which appear to be a popular part of the site!

Kelly said...

I don't need the excuse to eat pie!
: ), but I did eat pie on Pi day.