A visit to the Main Building

For the past four years I have been representing Astronomy and McDonald Observatory on the University of Texas Staff Council and for the past two years I have chaired a committee, which also made me a member of the Council's Executive Committee. We've been working hard to raise the profile of the Council on the campus and I think our efforts are starting to pay off. The Chancellor of the UT System (the collection of all the University of Texas campuses, of which UT Austin is just one) was visiting the Austin campus last week as part of his annual visit to the whole system and for the first time he requested to meet the Executive Committee for the Staff Council. The meeting went pretty well considering that we didn't really know what the meeting was going to be about or what they expected of us.

While we were waiting for the meeting with the representatives of the Faculty Council to finish, we sat in the waiting area outside the President's office, which has a wonderful stained glass window in the nearby stairwell. This photo is just the top part of the window.

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