A Texas Christmas dinner

Apologies to the vegetarians...

We decided to do Christmas a little different this year... TEXAS STYLE (in my mind I'm hearing LBJ at the BBQ for the Mercury astronauts in the AstroDome in The Right Stuff). We were tired of turkey after the birdzilla from Thanksgiving and we do ham at New Year's, so we decided to do a big BBQ feast instead. I should have put something in the photo for scale, since you can't really get an idea of how large the platters were... that was a lot of food. A lot of yummy, yummy food. :)

(Thanks to Dad for the photo!)


Jannie Funster said...

Is that stuff from Rudy's???

Gosh, I just had dinner and I'm hungry agan, must be the time of year.

I love your cat, my cat looks just like him (her?) and I'm too much in love with him.

Jannie in SW Austin.

Lara said...

Nope, Pok-E-Jo's. :)

And the cat is a she... a little pest, but a good kitty most of the time.